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We are an Agent Owned Brokerage, with lots of experience in all areas & types of real estate transactions. We are currently seeking out the best & brightest & experienced agents to join our team, whom know they are underpaid. We are offering a very competitive split, in addition to many incentives.

We offer a stock/profit share program which is second to none, Note, there are no shortage of brokerages out there which offer what they call a “profit share”. While it very may well be that, if you are thinking that by participating in such you are going to get rich or become a partner in the company, you are mistaken, the “profit share” offered at the the big box/Large Brokerages we have seen are really just a watered down shared communal check you will get once in a while, which hardly makes up for the fees you pay them over you agreed upon split.

Valley Realty & Co. offers its like minded Agents the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in the company & participate in the company’s financial success. We offer an array of incentives and a large degree of flexibility in operations.

Note that we aren’t coming out of left field and starting this, we live and breathe real estate every day. We have active partnerships with investors, developers, and property managers throughout the state & have lots of knowledge & experience to offer our agents.

If you feel that you are paying your current broker too much and or bringing in more business than you are being rewarded for, please fill out our attached form & one of our associates will be contacting you within 24 hours to set up a meeting. This isn’t for everyone, nor will everyone be accepted, we are not offering any sort of cookie cuttertraining program, etc., we expect you to already have learned from a beginner real estate firm and for you now to want to actually use your skills to make some deals and get rich.

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