About Valley Realty

Would you go to a big box retailer when shopping for a wedding dress? Probably Not. You would want to go to a place where you are treated like family, where the importance of your decision is understood by the staff and where the idea of the “right fit” for the client was a priority. Do you want your home to be treated like just another property, just merchandise to maximize sales or do you want it to be treated with care and consideration? Buying and/or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions one can make. We know that and are here for you through the entire process. Allow us to custom fit a marketing strategy for you today!

We are in the process of carefully and systematically building our brand, and thus, we often will put more time & energy amongst everything else into selling your home than most brokerages would even consider. If you believe you have a good property, but that you have just been thrown into the Multiple Listing Service and haven’t been given the attention or getting the results you would expect, then please shoot us an email. Feel Free to Email us directly: info@ValleyRealtyBrokerage.com.

At Valley Realty brokerage, we put people first, then property & a plan together next. We say that because our core approach focuses around our ability to strategically position your property in the market to target the correct audience & highlight certain aspects of the location, architecture, amenities potential and desirability.

Services We Offer

Landlord & Tenant Representative- Realty Brokerage
Leasing Investment Sales & Leasing
Pad Site Sales & Leasing
Apartment Building Sales & Leasing
Raw Land Sales
Portfolio Sales

Shopping Center Sales & Leasing
Office Building Sales & Leasing
Warehouse/Industrial Sales & Leasing
Turn Key Business Sales
Investment Property Houses Sales
Tri Lingual Staff (English, Spanish & Russian)

Our Strategy

From the beginning we know there is no One size fits all approach when selling real estate. Put simply, each and every property can be sold any number of different ways, our theory and our entire focus, is that of custom fitting the right Marketing Plan to your property, and then to go full throttle in that direction. We measure twice & cut once, we carefully decide on a strategy, your properties potential, IS limited if there is an aspect overlooked. Many clients come to us, after they have been unable to sell their property or were unhappy with what they were being offered for their property, and we have been able to help them, by taking a step back, reformulating a marketing plan and then re-positioning their house in the market.
Unfortunately, although we are able to help most people, we can’t and won’t help everyone.

Even if you are locked into a contract, id encourage you to email me, as so We can perhaps give you advice, & maybe you will send us a referral. We understand the importance of selling a house, and are very adamant in our approach, as we put the time into it, we research the local market, the neighborhood, we take into account the detail and style of the house, we are able to cross reference this with current selling trends and albeit coming fads at times, but in doing so, we encompass the entirety of our findings and opposed to just putting them in the fine print of your listing, as if done at all, or often done via guesswork, and similarly ignored by buyers, and hence pointless.

Since we don’t get paid unless your house sells for top dollar, we would rather, use our compiled analytics, observed findings, and gathered and organized knowledge and implement it all into our marketing, to our advantage, to hit the right people, with the right stuff. Further, we know often sellers many be hesitant to put money into a house they are selling, but part of our process, would offer a minimal amount of suggestions, based upon local tastes and the desired trends of the demographic, that additionally take into account the components of your house, whereby we can create the most value & desire of this demographic, for the least amount of money.

Please note, We do not need you to spend any significant amount of money on your home for us to sell it, a few minimal things can make a huge difference. We highly value efficiency and resourcefulness and want to get you the most out of the least, and not only would like to help you sell your house, but we want to get top dollar for you. Remember, it’s not what you, the seller (person who no longer wants the house) wants, it’s what the buyer (person who will pay top dollar for your house, if it hits on all fronts wants.)

Let us provide you exponentially more when selling your house, let our mix of modern Analytics & Marketing Mediums, our method & people focused approach, get you to the next house or at least the largest pile of cash for the one you are currently selling.

If you are planning to sell in the near future or are able to get out of a listing agreement if you are unhappy with your current agent or aren’t getting the results you feel you should be getting, I would encourage you to do so. Let us help you. Please Contact us today. Time DOES Matter, if you were to sell your home and too much time is to go by, your property becomes Tarnished, & Stale, and if you get to that point, people start to think that there is something wrong with the house or that they can get it for a lowball offer, etc. This is the sad reality of lots of home sellers, whereby we know, that likely isn’t the case, but simply a standard approach was taken when an agent put their house to the masses without connecting all the dots, and properly tailoring your marketing plan. With our handpicked team of affiliates, including, Market Analysts, Architects, Interior Designers, Social Media marketers & bloggers, property Stagers, Tax professionals, Attorneys, and Investors. We want to create a tailored approach for you & help you get the most Money for your home and show you what we can do. Your house deserves more, you deserve more, give us a shot.